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Car rental with or without driver in Kiev

Аренда авто. Большой выбор автомобилей

Для заказа авто с водителем вам достаточно выполнить несколько простых действий. Прежде всего, необходимо выбрать из нашего каталога понравившийся вам автомобиль. По одному из указанных номеров телефона на сайте уточняете, занят в данный момент этот транспорт или свободен. Если занят, придется выбрать другой вариант или узнать о сроке окончания его аренды и освобождения на требуемую вам дату.

Забронировать авто можно внеся предоплату, после чего он считается арендованным на ваше имя. Вариантов внесения предоплаты несколько:

  • Менеджеру в офисе по указанному на сайте адресу (предварительно следует договориться о времени встречи);
  • При помощи банковской карточки (переводом на наш официальный расчетный счет).

Бронь на автомобиль ставится максимум на пару дней до момента внесения предоплаты. При отсутствии поступления денежных средств бронь снимается.




Свадебный Кортеж из Мерседесов и Ренж Ровера, Цена 100$/час !!

Свадебный Кортеж из Мерседесов и Ренж Ровера, Цена 100$/час !!



Mercedes CLS AMG 2014 + Range Rover Sport


МОДЕЛЬ: Mercedes CLS AMG 2014 + Range Rover Sport

  • ТРАНСФЕР А/П "БОРИСПОЛЬ" ГРН: 3500(150$)



ПРОКАТ, АРЕНДА Свадебного кортежа MERCEDES AMG CLS и Gelendvagen (Кубик)

Модель: Mercedes СLS AMG 63  & Mercedes G 63

  • Цена по Киеву грн/час: 1400
  • Цена по Украине грн/км: 30
  • Трансфер а/п "Борисполь" грн: 3500(150$)



Rent, lease MERCEDES w221 S Black & White for transfer, business - met in Kiev, Ukraine


Model: Mercedes S 5,5 221 White & Mercedes 6.3 Black
Price in Kiev UAH / hour: 1000
Price for Ukraine UAH / km: 12
Transfer to a / p "Borispol" UAH: 1000-1400 ($ 50-60)



Rent, lease RANGE ROVER SPORT + RANGE ROVER VOGUE with or without driver in Kiev, Ukraine


  • Motorcade with Range Rover Sport (2010) and Range Rover Vogue (2010)
  • Price in Kiev UAH / hour: 1400 (45$)
  • Price for Ukraine UAH / km: 14 + 14 = 28 (0.9$)
  • 1 day rental (12hours with driver) - 12 000 UAH  (390$)

         TRANSFER UAH: 2500+ (95$)




Rent, Lease MERCEDES w221 S and Mercedes E 220 with or without driver in Kiev, Ukraine


Model: Mercedes E 220 white, Mercedes S600 221

Price in Kiev UAH / hour: 500-600 for one, two 950-1100

Price for Ukraine UAH / km: 12

Transfer to a / p "Borispol" UAH: 1000-1400 ($ 50-60)




MERCEDES GELENVAGEN 55 WHITE (WHITE CUBE) rental, car rental for wedding



Model: Mercedes G55 AMG White (White Cube)
Price in Kiev UAH / hour: 350
Price for Ukraine UAH / km: 10
Transfer - UAH 1000

Twenty-four hours with the driver $ 195

Twenty-four hours without a driver $ 225 + deposit $ 2000



RANGE ROVER SPORT+RANGE ROVER EVOQUE rent, lease ellite car with driver |Luxury cars at Kiev Ukraine

 Range Rover Sport (2010) and Range Rover Evoque (2013) -

Price in Kiev UAH / hour: 750!( 50 $ for two cars

Price for Ukraine UAH / km: 14 + 14 = 28(1$)

Transfer UAH: 2700+ (100$)





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Car Hire Kiev

  • In every person's life there are some very important events, the organization of which should be taken with a high sense of responsibility and the maximum care. Among such events are present wedding favorite offspring, or his own marriage, a great round number birthday or anniversary of living together in the family circle.
  •    Any event should be organized at the highest level. This applies not only elegant laid table and a fun entertainment program. An important aspect here is the organization of transportation of guests to a variety of destinations. Restaurant or wedding palace, cheerful friendly picnic or meeting of persons invited to the train station or airport.
  •    In any situation you come to the aid service, "Car Rental in Kiev." This utility services to the population has for many years is very popular among the capital's residents and their guests.
  •    It's hard to argue with the fact that the car rental is easy and very affordable service. After all, at your disposal will be the most prestigious and comfortable car models that can perform absolutely all their tasks.
  •    You are planning a large number of guests? Or maybe you need to ensure a comfortable and prestigious small transport company? Absolutely every circumstance is quite possible to arrange at the highest level of service.
  •    Moreover, if the owner of the house there is every reason to entrust the transportation problems these professionals. You really will be much easier if you take cars for hire! Services provided and are designed to ensure that your holiday is held at the proper level. And when all perfectly organized, neither the owners nor the numerous guests will not have the slightest reason to be dissatisfied on the organization of the celebration.
  •    The magic of the wedding or an important anniversary, cheerful party with friends on the nature or a romantic trip in a narrow range - all these factors deserve to be concerned about ensuring the event a prestigious and comfortable car.
  •    Depending on the customer's wish, we are ready to offer you the car rental with driver. This approach greatly simplifies many organizational issues. But certainly may arise such circumstances, when a stranger in the car will be out of place. Here you have the opportunity to issue rent a car without a driver.


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