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Rent, Lease MERCEDES E220 with or without driver in Kiev, Ukraine


  • Model: Mercedes E 220, 2015
  • Price in Kiev UAH / hour: 550-700(20-25$)
  • Price for Ukraine UAH / km: 14(0,5$)
  • Transfer to a / p "Borispol" UAH: 1500 (60$)
  •  Daily rental without driver - 7000 UAH (250$) / Day

* Premium class cars rental without a driver daily includes concsierge services






from 10:00 to 22:00

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Address: 02002, Ukraine, Kiev, st. Lunacharskogo, 22 TC Olympic

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A large selection of cars from "A" to "I"
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Availability of new cars
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Upscale drivers
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8 years of experience in services
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We work without days off
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Bargain prices
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