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Rental price
With a driver
Without a driver
In Kiev
15-20 $/h 15-20 $/h
In Ukraine
0 $/km
Transfer to Boryspil airport
45 $
Type/Class: Minibuses and buses
Number of seats: 20
Color: White
Year of release: 2012
Conditioner: Yes
Child safety seat: No

Luxury bus, 2012, beige leather interior, air conditioning, stove, individual climate control, sunroof, good music, TV, automatic door, electric step…

You may need to rent a minibus from time to time. This is an ideal option when you need to organize a comfortable transfer to a wedding or other similar celebration. Renting a Mercedes sprinter luxury with a driver gives you the opportunity to get a high-quality car for temporary use with many important advantages.

Rent a Mercedes sprinter luxury with a driver from proven professionals

If you contact the Auto-Luxury company, you can automatically get the best conditions in Kiev for a profitable rental. Fast service, reliability and other advantages are guaranteed. As for this car, it is the best option for comfortable travel by large companies. The prefix luxury is present in the name for a reason. It shows the level of comfort and reliability of the car. Salo is not only spacious, but also very comfortable. Inside, it can comfortably accommodate 20 people at once. Therefore, you can count on an ideal trip in almost any conditions.

Our company offers is ideal from the point of view of the technical condition of the car. A particular machine is often tested by experienced professionals, which guarantees reliability without compromise. The car will be driven by a driver with a lot of experience, who will take you to the right place as quickly and safely as possible.

Why should we rent a Mercedes Sprinter Luxuri with a driver?

Among the main advantages of cooperation with the company Auto-Luxury can be noted adequate cost and guarantee of impeccable quality of service. Each client gets the opportunity to draw up a contract in which all the main details are prescribed. The minibus is made in white, the cabin has everything you need for a really comfortable trip for all twenty passengers. Preliminary consultation of professionals will help you to understand the details, draw up the contract as quickly as possible, agree on the cost and terms of the lease. For weddings, birthdays and other events, this is a great option. It’s hard to find something more suitable.

You can read the agreement by clicking on the link.
1. The minimum age is 21 years.
2. Driving experience of 2 years or more.
If the driver does not meet these requirements, the company may offer an increase in the amount of the deposit.
1. National passport.
2. International license or driver's license, in which the name and surname are indicated in Latin letters.
1. Cash / non-cash payment.
2. Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express).
3. Payment can also be made in cash or by bank transfer.
4. Via Private 24.
The car rental fee is paid before the start of the trip. The client pays the full rental period in advance. If you want to continue the rental, you will also need to make a prepayment. If the car is returned a few days before the end of the rental period, the payment is recalculated according to the actual time of use of the car.
Together with the rental payment, the customer is obliged to make a deposit (deposit) for the car. It can be deposited in cash or with a bank card. Please note that the money is not withdrawn from the card, but only blocked. At the end of the lease term and in the absence of violations of the contract, the client receives the entire amount of the deposit back. The amount of the deposit depends on the class of the car.
The client can also use the rental service WITHOUT a DEPOSIT, but its cost will be slightly higher.

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