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Sailing yacht “Pilar”

Rental price
With a driver
Without a driver
In Kiev
55-110 $/h 55-110 $/h
Type/Class: Boats
Number of seats: 8
Conditioner: No
Child safety seat: No

Model: Sailing yacht “Pilar”
Length, m: 11,30
Width, m: 3.50
Draft, m: 2.10
Location: Kiev
Maximum number of people: 8
Number of cabins: 2
Number of beds: 2
Minimum number of hours: 2
Number of bathrooms: 1

1500 UAH / hour
3000 UAH / 2 hours

Almost all ships have background music equipment, which is provided to the customer free of charge. Details of what equipment is available can be found in the description for each specific vessel. Also, if necessary, we can provide professional music and lighting equipment with the services of a sound engineer (DJ) for an additional fee.
Unfortunately, there are no dishes on board the ships. If you plan your own meals, then you need to take care of the dishes and table setting yourself. If you order food from us, then, of course, our restaurant will take what you need and do everything "turnkey".
Unfortunately, the decoration of the hall on the ship is not included in the price. The rental price when ordering a banquet from us also includes table setting. If you need additional decor such as balloons, flowers, drapery with fabric, this is paid additionally.
Yes, smoking is allowed on the ship. Smoking is possible on the open deck and strictly in designated areas for this purpose.
Yes, absolutely. In addition to renting a boat and catering, we can fully organize an event for you. Our managers will select the best presenter who will write an individual script for your event. Also, we will select a DJ with equipment, decorate the ship with balloons, flowers and fabric, organize a show program, invite animators. Guests will enjoy master classes, quests, fireworks and much more. Based on your wishes and budget, we will create for you, truly, a real holiday.
You can't drop an anchor in the middle of the river. It would be a nuisance to other vessels and unsafe. At the same time, nothing prevents you from moving away closer to the edge of the coastline, there to drop anchor and stand on the roadstead of the ship.
Definitely, yes. You will feel absolutely comfortable, taking a walk along the Dnieper. There are practically no waves on the river and, as a rule, the surface of the water is completely calm. A wave and pitching can only occur when something passes in close proximity to the ship at high speed. In other cases, the pitching is not expected. If you have already had a negative experience of seasickness at sea, then we can safely assure you that you will not even need pills for motion sickness.
We can safely say that any format of the event can be held on ships within their capacity. We will give only a small list of events, including: bachelorette party; bachelor party; business meeting; corporate events; wedding; PHOTOSESSION; excursion; Birthday; seminar, training, presentation, conference; corporate regatta; team building; vacation with friends; family holidays; romantic walk; marriage proposal; declaration of love; romantic date; management master class; yacht party; boat transfer to the restaurant on the water; weekend tour.
Do not worry, if you have already made an advance payment for the ship, then even if the price changes for it, you will not pay extra. Please note that the old price will be valid for you only if you have already made an advance payment. In cases of pre-booking only, the new price will most likely be applied to you.
It is very unlikely that there will be such a possibility. This is due to the fact that there may not be suitable and free places for such mooring. Therefore, warn your guests not to be late for the event and plan their time on the ship in full. In each individual case, you can individually discuss this issue with the ship's captain. It will tell you how best to perform such a task, if it occurs.
Unfortunately, this is not possible. To book a boat, you need to know the exact date of departure, and it is also desirable to know the time of the trip.
If you want to take with you light, sound and other equipment, you should definitely check what is the available voltage on the ship, as well as what power.
All ships have a voltage of 220 volts. The capacity must be specified for each individual vessel. Almost all sailing yachts have a voltage of 12 volts. Motor yachts have different voltage levels. As a rule, there are 220 Volts, but there are exceptions with an onboard voltage of 12 Volts.
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that only a small part of all motor ships have a permit to enter the Kiev reservoir. Therefore, if you have such a route planned, be sure to notify your manager about it. He will select a ship that can make such a trip with access to the Kiev Sea. Ships that can go to the Kiev reservoir: Omar Khayyam, Aeneas, Romantic, Silver Wave, Silver Breeze, St. Andrew, Family, Reason.
Large sailing yachts, usually with a length of 12 meters or more, are limited in movement by their draft (part in the water) and the height of the mast. Therefore, almost all sailing yachts that are based on Osokorki and have a length of 12 meters or more can not go upstream, above the Petrovsky Railway Bridge, because of the low height of the bridge.
Yes, this is possible, provided that it does not contradict the relevant rules for the movement of vessels on the river and it is possible to implement it technically taking into account the depths. You should warn our manager about your desire to create your own itinerary for a boat trip.
Yes, all our ships have a bathroom, some even have more than one. The larger the vessel, the greater the number of bathrooms on it.
Yes, of course, you can. We will be happy to provide you with this opportunity. The only thing is to agree on this possibility in advance with our manager.
As a rule, the whole day format implies a mandatory landing on one of the islands near Kiev for a picnic and entertainment program on them. Unless otherwise agreed in advance, the ship performs a full-day program with a landing on the island. Sailing yachts in most cases are moored near the Olginsky Island near Koncha-Zaspa. The vast majority of motor ships are moored near Veliky Island near Vyshgorod.
Yes, there is such a possibility. Only if the ship is completely stopped in the roadstead or near the shore. If you plan to swim from the boat, be sure to check this issue with the captain on the spot. The captain must be warned of this. First of all, it concerns your safety.
The composition of the crew on the ship depends on the type and size of the watercraft. If it is a sailing or motor yacht, usually the crew consists of 1 or 2 people, depending on the size of the yacht. There is only one captain on the speedboat. On motor ships, the crew composition is different and it depends on the size of the vessel. So, on a motor ship, the crew can be from 2 to 10 people. The larger the ship, the greater the number of crew members it requires.
The management of the yacht is entrusted to certified captains. All of them have the necessary relevant permits and extensive work experience.
1. Choose your own vessel or with the help of our manager. 2. Pre-book the ship with the manager for the desired date and time. 3. Make an appropriate prepayment for the vessel. 4. If necessary, select additional services (food, presenter, DJ, photographer, etc.) and make the necessary prepayment for them. 5. Make the remaining payment for the ship and additional services before the event. 6. Enjoy a wonderful holiday on the ship at the selected date and time.
If this happens, then you will need to compensate in full for the damage that was caused to the ship.
A trip to Kanev on a sailing yacht, a motor yacht in cruise mode or on a motor ship will take, on average, from 10 hours in one direction to the dam. If you use a motor yacht at maximum speed (on a skimmer), then the journey time in one direction to the dam will take about 4.5 hours.
Yes, the photos are completely true. You can be 100% sure of this. We do not post non-original photos on the site. Also, in addition to photos, we additionally have 3D tours and videos of almost every ship on our site.
As a rule, this is impossible to do. The reason is that the walks follow each other and guests can relax on board in front of you. We cannot guarantee the safety of your belongings on board the ship when another customer is on board. Alternatively, you can send a friend to the yacht just before the trip, so that he will leave everything you need on board if you want to make a surprise. If you have ordered catering, then the service staff can bring everything on board with them.
You can definitely count on all the time for which you rent a ship. Additional time for pre-preparation of the vessel before the event depends solely on the type of vessel. If you have ordered a motor ship, you will have a technical hour before the event. It is necessary in order to prepare the ship by your or our service personnel (to set the table, decorate the hall, connect the music equipment, etc.). Similarly, you have an hour of technical time for cleaning and dismantling after the event. If more time is required to prepare the event “before” and “after”, the additional time is paid according to the price list. If you have ordered a speedboat, sailing or motor yacht, then free technical time on these types of vessels is not provided. However, if you have received permission for additional technical time on an individual basis when communicating with the captain, then, of course, it will be granted to you.
In addition to you and your guests, the ship will have a crew and may also have service personnel (cooks, waiters, artists, etc.). If you have ordered a ship, it will be completely at your disposal for the time you have rented, without the presence of strangers.
Definitely not. We strictly adhere to the passenger capacity of each vessel for the safety of all those on board. If you plan to have more guests than a particular vessel suggests, we recommend taking a larger vessel or with a certain margin of capacity.
This depends directly on the specific vessel. If you are interested in a walk at night, be sure to check with our manager what kind of boat is suitable for you to make such a walk.
Walks are available daily from Monday to Sunday.
Yes, this option is available, but on the condition that the order of the vessel will be from 6 or more hours. With such a long order time, you can safely organize, in addition to walking, also landing on the coastline for a picnic and other entertainment. If we are talking about sailing yachts, then, as a rule, Holguin Island near Concha Zaspa is suitable for them. If we are talking about motor ships, then the ideal option is the Great Island near Vyshgorod.
Yes, you can order almost any service from us for an additional fee, in particular, it can be: catering, presenter/DJ, decor (balloons, flowers and draping with fabric), photo and video operator, jet ski with rides, inflatable water entertainment, fireworks, show program and much more at your request.
The minimum rental order for each vessel is individual. You can find it on the page of each ship in the description. Here are only the initial values of the minimum order, depending on the type of vessel: Speedboats-from 1 hour. Sailing yachts - from 2-3 hours. Motor yachts - from 1-2 hours. Motor ships - from 2-3 hours.
The minimum capacity is 1 person or more. Maximum capacity-up to 380 people (ship Rosa Victoria).
Each season navigation starts and ends differently. It depends on the weather conditions. But, as a rule, in most cases, navigation begins in mid-April and ends in late October.
In most cases, this is unfortunately not possible. All boats are available for rent only with a full-time captain (crew), which are included in the rental price. The only exceptions to the rules are the boats "Byliner 175" and "Byliner 285", which can be rented out without a captain. The minimum order time for this rental option is a day. In addition, you will need a cash deposit.
Yes, there is such a possibility. We can pre-set a reserve for you without making a prepayment for some time. However, you, in any case, need to make a prepayment after that to guarantee the booking of the ship. It is advisable not to delay the time of making the prepayment.
The rental price includes: fuel, the services of the captain (crew) and the use of all rooms on the ship (they are available in the description of each ship). On some ships, such as St. Andrew and Silver Wave, cabins are rented for an additional fee and are not included in the basic rental price.
Платежного терминала (POS-терминала) на борту судов, к сожалению, нет. Доплата на борту судна производится только наличными средствами или по предварительной договоренности на карту через клиент-банк.
Unfortunately, this is not possible. This is due to the fact that according to the rules “On the order of movement and maneuvering of small vessels in the Kiev area", they are prohibited from approaching the River Station.
In case of unsuitable weather conditions (usually heavy fog or storm), which are confirmed by the captain, you will be offered to postpone the rental to another day to ensure the safety of all guests. If the client does not have the opportunity to postpone the walk to another day, the money paid is fully refunded. However, we note that these weather conditions are extremely rare (sometimes during the season they may not be at all).
Yes, there is. We have a huge selection of gift certificates, which you can find in the corresponding section called "Gift certificates".
Yes, sometimes you can. But, most often, it is not possible to do this, because the vessels immediately after you are occupied by other clients. All walks are carried out according to the planned schedule. Such schedules are very tight, so customers take each other for a walk with a short break. In such situations, the captain will not be able to extend the walk on the spot, since the next client is following her. The increase in walking time should be agreed with the manager of our company in advance.
Unfortunately, it is forbidden to take any animals with you on board.
Yes. The responsibility for children rests with their parents. Children should always be under the supervision of adults-parents or relatives. The crew is exclusively engaged in the management of the ship, so they can not monitor the safety of children on board. The walk does not include the presence of a caregiver on the side of the ship.
This option is available. Only on the condition that this place technically (the presence of a berth, its size, depth) allows a specific vessel to approach it. Be sure to take into account that not all berths are suitable for mooring a ship or give permission for the approach of another watercraft. The approach to the other berth will be charged additionally. The cost consists of the cost of paying for the berth (if the berth charges for this) and the cost of the ship's delivery (the time required to arrive at another berth). Of course, you first need to agree on a convenient place for you with our manager.
The guarantee of walking safety is confirmed: The colossal experience of our crews. All captains have impressive experience. We do not cooperate with non-experienced captains. We only work with professionals. Most of them are former long-distance captains, as well as winners of various championships. Complete serviceability of the vessels. All vessels are in good condition and undergo an annual technical inspection according to the plan. At the beginning of the working day, the captains check the vessels and prepare them for walks. Customers go exclusively on serviceable vessels.
If you are going to take a boat trip, you can only transfer it with the loss of the prepayment. This is due to the fact that the ship is booked for your event on a specific date and time. Accordingly, we refused to allow other interested customers to book a ship. If you, for your part, postpone the date, then the company incurs losses, which are compensated by the amount of the prepayment made. Therefore, the weather risks remain on the client's side, since it is he who chooses the date and time for his event for a holiday on the ship. At the same time, we assure you that you should not worry about rainy weather. All motor ships have tented or closed areas for a full rest. In this case, the rain will not be an obstacle to the event and will not spoil the mood. If you have to go on a yacht trip, the situation is similar to the one described above regarding motor ships. However, there is a small caveat. Sometimes our captains can individually agree to the postponement of the date or time in case of heavy rain, but taking into account the busy schedule of the yacht and if the client has warned about the postponement of the date, at least one day before the date of the trip. Of course, we all want the weather to be only sunny and warm all season. Unfortunately, in our climate zone, the weather can be changeable at any time of the year.
Yes. Each child is a full-fledged passenger on board the ship (not half of it). This is due to the fact that the passenger capacity of the vessel is calculated not by the weight of the guests, but by the number of rescue equipment.
If the customer does not order the services of our restaurant, the disposal of garbage from the ship, as well as from the island (if there was a landing on the shore) is usually carried out by the customer, unless previously agreed otherwise with the captain (crew). If the customer has ordered the services of our restaurant, the disposal of garbage is completely handled by our staff. In this case, the client does not need to worry about this issue.
The amount of the prepayment at the time of booking depends on the method of payment and the type of vessel. When paying in cash or transferring money to a bank card: prepayment for booking a mid-class motor ship on a weekday is the cost of the first hour of rent, on weekends and holidays-50% of the rental of the motor ship. For a luxury and VIP class ship, the prepayment amount is 50%, regardless of the day of the week; prepayment for booking a sailing yacht is 20% on any day. Exceptions are the yachts La Vita, Pilar and Glory, where the prepayment for a weekend and a holiday is 50% of the rental of the ship. prepayment for booking speedboats is 20% of the rental price. prepayment for booking motor yachts is the cost of the first hour of rent. The exception is the yacht Natalie, the amount of prepayment for which is 50%. Additional payment for sailing yachts, motor yachts, speedboats and medium-class motor ships is made before the start of the voyage (not on time and not after its end). Additional payment for the event on luxury and VIP class ships must be made at least 3 days before the start of the event. In the case of non-cash payment (transfer of money to the company's current account), the prepayment for all types of vessels is 50%. The additional payment for the event, regardless of the type of vessel, must be made at least 3 working days before the start of the event.
After making a prepayment, it is impossible to rebook a ship to another one without losing the prepayment. When making a prepayment, the name of the watercraft, the date and time of its release are clearly recorded. Our company guarantees the availability of this vessel on your date and at the agreed time. In turn, the client guarantees the company that he will order this particular vessel for a specific date and time.
Unfortunately, being late leads to the loss of the client's time. If you are late, the captain will certainly wait for you. The main condition is to inform the captain or your manager about this. Unfortunately, you will not be able to shift your time. That is, the time of delay will also be paid by the client in full. Therefore, we recommend that customers plan their arrival time in advance, taking into account possible delays on the way (traffic jams, etc.).
The maximum speed of open-type boats can vary from 50 to 80 km / h and depends on the specific boat selected. This option is great if you want to see the maximum number of places in a short period of time. The boat can go, at your request, in a quiet (cruise) mode.
The rental price on the website is indicated in the cruise mode of the motor yacht. This mode assumes a speed of up to 20 km/h. If you need to go on a motor yacht " with a breeze” in high-speed mode (on a skimmer), then you will need to pay extra for this. The cost of the surcharge is specified individually with the manager.
The average speed of sailing yachts under sail and under the engine is about 10 km/h.
Based on our experience, we have compiled the following formula. As soon as you have a specific date, at least an approximate time of departure and you are completely sure that nothing will change, start booking a ship. You should not postpone this moment. During the season, dates close very quickly. As you understand, first of all, the reservation is made for the best watercraft in terms of price-quality ratio. The closer to your date you make a reserve, the fewer available options there are. This is especially true if we are talking about Friday, Saturday, Sunday or public holidays. Therefore, if it is possible to book a ship in a month or two, feel free to start booking. Of course, this does not mean that if you contact us a week before the event, we will not be able to provide you with anything. But there is a risk that the choice will already be minimal.

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