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Maybach S500 2015

4-9 суток:

1-3 суток:

Bentley Continental GT W12

4-9 суток: 350+$

1-3 суток: 400+$

Mercedes-Benz S-class W222 2018

Pledge 2000-2500$

4-9 суток: 300+$

1-3 суток: 350+$

Aston Martin Rapide V12 6.0 2013

Pledge 3000$

4-9 суток: 350+$

1-3 суток: 400+$

Porsche Panamera 4s 4.8

4-9 суток: 250+$

1-3 суток: 300+$

MERCEDES S-Class 222 [EN]

4-9 суток: 350+$

1-3 суток: 400+$


4-9 суток: 350+$

1-3 суток: 400+$


Pledge 1500$

4-9 суток: 180+$

1-3 суток: 200+$

Premium cars rental without driver in Kyiv

There are many reasons why our customers choose the service of premium cars rental in Kyiv. In, this service is becoming more and more popular every year. This is the desire to make a good impression on business partners, to show special respect for dear people, to make holidays and celebrations unforgettable.

The advantages of premium cars rental in Kyiv

The choice of luxury cars is easy to explain. They are chosen by those customers who prefer reliability, comfort and luxury. Our fleet includes the following premium models:

• Mercedes;

• Porsche;

• Bentley and others.

 The owners of such cars always note special feelings while driving these cars. If their own car breaks down, many drivers turn to to rent a luxury car.

Premium cars rental has several advantages:

• it is fast and convenient;

• it is increased reliability and convenience;

• there is no need for repair, extension of insurance, registration of technical inspection;

• cost-effective replacement of a broken own car. 

Terms and conditions of luxury cars rental in Kyiv

The first thing that a potential customer must do is to examine the rent contract. It is signed under the following conditions:

• age older than 21;

• more than a two-tear experience of driving a car;

• the necessary documents for authorization to drive;

• deposit;

• full prepayment service.

 Documents to be submitted:

Ukrainian passport;

international passport;

Individual Taxpayer Number;

driver's license.

We arrange the rental of luxury cars for foreign citizens. They provide their national passport, international driving license, driver’s ID.

 For our part, the client receives:

• insured car in excellent condition;

• preliminary reservation of the vehicle (if necessary);

• the possibility of extending the rental by prepaymant;

• convenient payment methods;

• return of the security deposit if the contract conditions are met;

• consideration of additional agreements.

Prices for VIP cars rental in Kyiv

On the site we provide current prices for premium cars rental. The price offer is formed on the basis of the period (several hours, days, a month), car brand, year of maufacture. For further details, we recommend contacting us by phone. The choice in favor of renting a VIP car is always economically justified.