Land Rover with a driver

The car plays an important role in everyday life. And often the choice of car becomes a kind of dilemma. But there are universal options that can always be the solution.

Land Rover is a respectable car. And sometimes envy, because his impeccable style, impressive solidity and technological content cannot leave you indifferent.

Each Range Rover model is an upscale SUV. Such a car is suitable for everything – a regular trip, a country trip, a business meeting, a wedding procession, a photo session and much, much more.

Neat design, luxury upholstery, ultra-modern electronics.

We have different models in different colors:

-Land Rover Range Rover Sport Autobiography

-Range Rover Evoque (2013) black and white

-Range Rover Sport 2010 Turbo HSE

-Range Rover Sport 2014

-Range Rover Vogue Autobiography 2016

-Cortege from Range Rover Sport and Evogue

By renting such car with a driver in Kiev, you can emphasize your status and fully enjoy all the benefits. It’s so nice to sit in the comfortable back seat of such a presentable car and just enjoy the ride under the guidance of an experienced and friendly driver who knows his business. And it also makes it possible to get a better look at Kiev and its uniqueness.

Renting a Range Rover with a driver is attractive for its safety and reasonable price.

Renting such an SUV will not pose any problems, since any nuances can be easily discussed with an employee of our company. They will be happy to inform you about all the details of rental, payment and other things. Everything will be formalized and confirmed by an agreement, in which all the details and nuances will be spelled out.

The technical condition of each car is guaranteed, because all cars are regularly inspected by experienced specialists.

The rental price depends on the leased term and purpose. You can always find out the final cost from our consultants, thereby making sure of transparency and avoiding all hidden payments and force majeure.

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