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Isuzu Eurobus [EN]
Price: 27-35 грн/ч 700$-800$
By Ukraine: 15+  грн/км
Transfer a / p "Borispol": 1600
Price: 700-880 грн/ч 27$-32$
By Ukraine: 20UAH+  грн/км
Transfer a / p "Borispol": 2000UAH+ (80$+)
Price: 800-1100 грн/ч 30$-40$
By Ukraine: 26UAH+  грн/км
Transfer a / p "Borispol": 100$+

Rent a bus with driver in Kyiv 

Long business trips, fascinating excursions, group trips to the sea-side are only a small part of the reasons that should make you interested in renting a bus.

The advantages of bus rental

It is possible to overcome a huge distance on different types of transport. Using the services of railway transport, it is possible to move comfortably and within a reasonable time over long distances. However, the train follows the established route strictly on time.

If you book a bus in Kyiv, you can organize interesting excursions or implement a group recreation program. At the same time, the service of renting a bus with driver is accompanied by the following advantages:

When ordering a bus for transportation of a group, it is possible not only to organize the safe and comfortable movement of a lot of people, but also to maintain the aura of warmth and home comfort. On the way the staff can sing songs and participate in lively conversation.

Conditions of bus rental with driver

Kyiv is a city of unlimited opportunities. Our company Auto-Luxury strives to maintain the same status. We provide the opportunity to place an order for a bus on acceptable terms:

You can order a bus online by filling out the form on the website. Our staff can give you a detailed answer to the question of how much it costs to rent a bus.


Bus capacity

Our company Auto-Luxury offers to arrange a bus rental with different number of seats:

Traveling on such buses is always pleasant, regardless of the temperature conditions outside. Buses are air-conditioned, so even in the summer heat your trips will be comfortable. The passenger compartments have audio and video equipment that allows you to listen to music and watch movies.