Mercedes e 220 with driver 2014

Rent price
By Kiev
400 - 590
14$ - 22$

By Ukraine
Transfer a / p Borispol
1000-1500 (45-60$)
Type / class: Business Class
Number of seats: 5
Цвет кузова: Черный
Year of issue: 2014
Air conditioning: да
Baby armchair нет



Rent of Mercedes e 220 with a driver in Kiev can be useful in different situations. It's a business class car equipped in a suitable way. There is everything needed for a comfortable trip inside. The car has a very presentable design - a black stylish Mercedes. A company Auto-Luxury gives an opportunity to rent a car on benefitable conditions.

Advantages of renting Mercedes e 220 with a driver

Such a rent can be useful in different cases. The car is very practical, reliable and well-equipped. The auto is designed with the best German standards of quality. Our employees keep the car in an ideal technical state that's why it's protected from any accidents while travelling. An experienced driver can make a trip more comfortable and safe.

Rent of Mercedes е 220 can be useful in different cases such as important events, business trips, transferring guests and other purposes. The car looks magnificent so it will be appropriate for any event. You will make a great impression on your business partners and provide them with comfortable conditions. Every feature of the car is filled with luxury and high quality.

Renting a car with a drive helps to avoid any troubles and just relax while a responsible person drives a car and follows the route. If you don't want to bother about looking for a car, making up a route and driving it, renting Mercedes is the best solution in such a situation.

Rent of Mercedes е 220 in Kiev for reasonable prices

The price of renting this famous German car depends on some details. If you are going to move along the territory of Kiev there will be a determined price. If you are planning to move outside the city there will be another price. There is also such a service as an airport transfer. We guarantee a great quality and a resonable price at the same time. Before renting you can get acquainted with a car characteristics, look at the photos and get a piece od advise from the experts.


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