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Price: 700-900 грн/ч 25$-40$
By Ukraine: 13+  грн/км
Transfer a / p "Borispol": 1500UAH+(60$+)
Price: 550-790 грн/ч 20$-30$
By Ukraine: 20 (0,8$/km)  грн/км
Transfer a / p "Borispol": 1500(60$)
Price: 750-995 грн/ч 30$-40$
By Ukraine: 0.5$+  грн/км
Transfer a / p "Borispol": 50$+
Price: 1500-2800 грн/ч 60$-100$
By Ukraine: 1$  грн/км
Transfer a / p "Borispol": 200$+
Aston Martin Rapide V12 6.0 2013
Price: 1000-1100 грн/ч 35$-45$
By Ukraine: 1$+  грн/км
Transfer a / p "Borispol": 150$+
Volvo C70 Cabrio 2.5
Price: 550-800 грн/ч 20$-30$
By Ukraine: 130$-200$  грн/км
Transfer a / p "Borispol": —

Convertible and sports cars rental in Kyiv

The dream of many drivers is at least once in a lifetime to drive a convertible or super-fast sports car. This journey will allow you to feel a lot of bright emotions, the freedom and drive. Not everyone can buy such a car, but today it is not necessary to do this, because you can use the rental service of convertibles and sports cars in Kyiv.

Advantages of renting a convertible without driver

The convertible is a luxury car. It can emphasize the festivity of any event. Getting around in such a car is comfortable and pleasant. There are many advantages to renting a convertible car:


Renting a cabriolet will help you out if you need a car for holidays such as weddings, birthdays, photo and video shootings, as well as important meetings.

Conditions of a convertible and sports car rental

To rent a sports car without driver, the customer must be over 21, he also needs to have a driving experience of at least 2 years. If the person who is going to rent a convertible does not meet these requirements, the company has the right to increase the amount of the deposit.

To rent a sports car, a citizen of Ukraine needs to have the following documents:

Citizens of other countries need to have:

Terms and cost of sports cars rental

You can rent a convertible without driver in Kyiv at for 1-3 days, 4-9 or 10-29 days, and even for more than a month if there is such a need. The cost depends on the duration of use. The following table shows the available convertibles and sports cars, as well as current prices:

Payment and car delivery

A convertible rental for 24 hours or for a longer period is available to the client for cash and non-cash payment methods. Both bank cards and money transfers are accepted. The client pays for the full rental period for convertibles and sports cars in Kyiv and other regions of Ukraine. The car is delivered exactly to the specified address or the customer has the opportunity to pick it up themselves. If the client returns the car before the specified in the contract time, the payment is made based on the actual use period.