Range rover sport 2014

Rent price
By Kiev

By Ukraine
Transfer a / p Borispol
Type / class: Rental for filming
Year of issue: 2014
Air conditioning: да
Baby armchair нет


  • Filming: 400 UAH / hour

Range rover sport 2014 with a driver possesses all necessary characteristics for a perfect trip, both short- and long-termed up to client's wish. It's an off-road car of a high level which includes all the necessary features for a comfortable travelling.

A reasonable price of a rent Range rover sport 2014 with a driver and other advantages

The best solution is to rent an off-road car with a driver because you feel calm and comfortable in such a case.
Experienced drivers from the company Auto-Luxury are capable to ride such cars and make up comfortable conditions for clients. The car is a perfect solution for bumpy roads and other road troubles.

The price of the rent depends on duration - per hours or per day. The client can discuss such details beforehand. You can rent a Range rover sport for business trips, video shooting, wedding ceremony or other festive events.The price of Range rover sport 2014 rent with a driver coinsides with the car quality and other advantages.

How to rent a Range Rover Sport 2014 with a driver?

Simplicity of the rent is the main advantage. All should you do is to apply to the company Auto-Luxury. If you want to rent a car you shouls discuss all the details with the manager: the duration, the price, the location where the client should be picked up. We guarantee a perfect technical condition because the car has a regular technical control procedure. The interior is always clean and the systems are in a perfect condition. The car rent agreement includes all the main details which excludes any force-major circumstances. This way the rent of the premium-class car becomes more available and benefitable for any client.

If you want to rent a car you can make a phone call or leave an application on our website. The manager will talk to you and help you to choose the car model, settle the delivery time and the location and the way of payment for the service.

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