Chrysler 300 c with driver 2014

Among the main characteristics of the convertible is to highlight several important points. This is primarily the presence of the opportunity to remove the roof of the car and enjoy the flow of oncoming air. In addition, this machine has a low fit, which provides additional positive points during operation.

Like any other car, the convertible has a large number of positive technical indicators and characteristics. This is a good level of equipment and a great stylistic decision of appearance. If you are interested in a combination of luxury, style and classics, then this car is for you.

Rent price
By Kiev
400 - 550
15$ - 19$

By Ukraine
Transfer a / p Borispol
Type / class: Wedding Cars
Number of seats: 5
Цвет кузова: Белый
Year of issue: 2014
Air conditioning: да
Baby armchair нет

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