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Transfer a / p "Borispol": 1500+ (60$+)
Transfer a / p "Borispol": 600грн+

Transfer from Boryspil airport to Kyiv

Among the car rental services of there is the transfer from Boryspil airport. It saves time, money and contributes to personal security. We provide cars for individual and group transfer at reasonable prices.

Benefits of Transfer Services

No matter how comfortable the flight was, arriving at the airport you want to be at home or in a hotel as soon as possible. The transfer service provides a range of services and their advantages are undeniable:

Ordering a transfer means:

The driver of the transfer will quickly take you to the hotel or to the specified address. Staying in an unfamiliar city always causes a number of difficulties. The transfer will relieve you from the necessity to look for a restaurant where you can eat tasty and inexpensive food. It will ensure safe movement around the city and sightseeing, deliver you to the specified address on time.

Excellent technical conditions of our vehicles, the professionalism of the staff reduces the risk of force majeure to a minimum.

Terms and conditions

For ordering you need to call us and order a transfer. You can order a vehicle for individual or group transfer to the airport from the cars of our fleet. In addition, we make a VIP transfer.

We give our customers the opportunity to choose a car or a minibus. The contract prescribes the date, time, transfer route, the cost of services. It is important to place an order in advance.

Service prices

The cost of quality services is justified. Ideas about the high cost of transfer is absolutely groundless. If you have options to call a taxi or order a transfer from the airport - the second option is preferable and cheaper.

To transfer a group of passengers outside Kyiv, a minibus transfer will definitely be cheaper than a regular bus, for which you need to buy tickets in advance and adjust to its schedule.

Transfer service is affordable. The stereotype about high prices will be destroyed at the stage of placing an order by phone. The website shows transfer prices to the airport.