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Conditions for renting a car without a driver

Anyone who is going to order car rental with a driver, Kiev can offer the widest range. However, has a pleasant pricing policy even at the height of the wedding season, which is very important, because a wedding is a celebration that requires a lot of financial investment.
It is necessary to order a car with a driver, Kiev or another city, in advance. Best of all – six months. Any wedding agency will tell you this. The practice of organizing wedding celebrations in Europe and developed countries generally involves the beginning of preparations for the wedding in a year, at least. Naturally, if you are interested in organizing the perfect event in which everything will be thought out to the smallest detail.
The car rental service with a driver (Kiev – separate price) is available from ten in the morning to ten in the evening, seven days a week. Please note that there is such a thing as the minimum order and time for car delivery. So, if you want to order a car for two hours, you need to add the hour of the car delivery time to this. For some models, the minimum order can be four hours. And on Saturday (due to special demand) – the minimum order will be five hours and an hour for car delivery. Don’t think that this is too much. A wedding is a very busy event (and not just a wedding), so a simple car is a very rare occurrence that our clients never complain about.

Rent a car with a driver in Kiev

Prices? We offer the services “ rent a car with a driver Kiev ” at prices of five hundred and fifty hryvnia per hour. There are more expensive options. Naturally, prices will rise during times of increased demand. However, we very often have discounts for cars . They can range from twenty to ninety percent. In the latter case, you will pay almost nothing for filing, which is good news.
Renting a car with a driver, Kiev or another city is relevant not only for weddings. It can be a prom, a noisy corporate party or just a holiday for no reason. Moreover, you may just want to drive your beloved in a beautiful car around the city at night, with a personal driver.
However, when it comes to a wedding, there is reason to consider additional preparations, such as car decor and appropriate driver’s outfit. Naturally, this needs to be discussed in advance so as not to do everything in a hurry. Keep in mind that the lens of a wedding photographer very often hits both the car itself and its interior. This means that the salon needs to be decorated in a festive style that will correspond to the general atmosphere of the celebration. For this it is worth ordering the services of a florist. Believe me, he will be able to do everything not only faster, but also much better. A very big mistake of many spouses is an attempt to decorate a car on their own. Rarely do such experiments end up with perfect results. With us, you will not have any problems at all. The salon is a car fleet in perfect condition, professional employees and a chic, festive service.


What is +1 hour for car delivery?

It takes 30 minutes for the car to drive to your address and 30 minutes after ordering it returns to the garage.

What is the minimum rental hours?

Monday to Thursday - 3 hours. Friday, Saturday - 5 hours. Sunday - 4 hours.

Is the departure from Kiev paid additionally?

Departure from Kiev up to 20 km is paid: plus one hour to the rental price, over 20 km the total mileage is paid in two directions.

Is the car being served clean?

The car arrives to order after a car wash (complex car wash).

Will the car be on time

The car arrives at the specified address 10 minutes before ordering.

What are your drivers?

Our company employs only professionals ith experience in the service of VIP clients.

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