Concierge service

When ordering a concierge service, you will get at the disposal of a person who is competent in performing your daily business tasks: gift delivery, car call, restaurant table reservation, grocery delivery, room reservation. Also for household purposes: Walking pets, cleaning and caring for housing, babysitting and courier services, clothing care.

We know that many important and serious people fly to Ukraine to sign an important contract or conclude an important deal. We know that you have important preparation or that you have a lot to do in Kiev and you cannot do everything yourself. There is a solution! The company Auto Luxury Kiev invites you to use the concierge service.

Concierge services in Kiev

We strive to provide our clients with only high quality services. We have a European level, and each of our clients always gets what they want and what they need. You can see for yourself.

When you order the services of a concierge service, you will have at the disposal of a person competent in carrying out your daily business tasks:

Also for household purposes:

If your goal in Ukraine is to work well, hold important negotiations or sign an important contract, then we suggest that you focus on your business. Let our concierge in Kiev take care of the rest. Let a special person perform all daily and routine tasks, and you should occupy the main goals. By the way, if you have important negotiations, then we advise you to use the services of escort models in Kiev. Our girls are not only very beautiful. They have knowledge in various fields and can support any conversation. This will certainly increase your chances of signing an important contract or closing a deal.

Also, in the company of our beautiful girls, you can have fun with a smile, because they have a great sense of humor. Our people are famous for their sense of humor and ability to have fun, so you can use the VIP escort service if you want to have fun or take a walk around Kiev. Our girls know the city well and therefore can organize a fascinating individual excursion around Kiev for you, and let the concierge service do other things.

Other VIP-services in Kiev

We know that you are coming to our country for a very important event and therefore it is important that everything is at the highest level. We have a large list of VIP services that we offer:

Any event, party or business meeting will be remembered for you if you are focused.

Very often, we waste precious time doing what another person might be doing. For example, you need to book an apartment in the center of Kiev. Our person has knowledge and contacts with which he can solve this issue or any other. There are different situations in which a guest of our country may not have competence or simply do not have enough time for this, there are concierge services in Kiev.

Weekend in Ukraine

If you arrived to spend an unforgettable weekend in Ukraine, then we advise you to focus on your rest. Let other people do the routine. For example, you need to clean a suit or deliver a color to a girl you like. By the way, did you know that Ukrainian women are one of the most beautiful girls in the world? You can be sure of this.

In addition to girls, our country has a beautiful and charming nature. We advise you to rent a boat in Kiev and make an excellent walk along the Dnipro River. You can trust that it will be unforgettable. By the way, while you admire the river and the boat, our concierge will be able to bring you a bottle of your favorite champagne so that you can spend a wonderful romantic evening with a girl!

We advise you not to waste time and contact our managers right now to get all the information you are interested in.

Also, we want to inform you that Auto Luxury Kiev has good terms of cooperation and you can choose any convenient method of payment for our services.

We do everything for the comfort of our clients, because this is the main thing for us!

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