VIP Service

We offer you to feel like a VIP person. If you have a business meeting or other important event, we suggest you use VIP services and premium car rental in Kiev on the website!

Luxury car rental in Ukraine

Car rental in Ukraine has become available thanks to our company. We help everyone who values ​​their comfort, time and safety. Sometimes you just need to trust real professionals to get what you want.

Thanks to auto luxury services in Kiev, you will find any car you want and what you dreamed of. For example, we can offer you:

  • sports coupe;
  • business class cars;
  • premium cars;
  • buses and minibuses;
  • off-road vehicles;
  • limousines

There are several options – renting a car with or without a driver, paying by mileage or hourly. In addition to basic services, our company provides VIP services.

VIP services in Kyiv

We know that for a real man and a man who values ​​his time and comfort, it is important not just to have a car for rent with a driver. A real man can truly appreciate a business meeting or weekend in Ukraine if he uses our additional services.

A small list of VIP services for you:

  • VIP support for the event;
  • organization of individual excursions around Kiev;
  • private security;
  • concierge service;
  • rent of a helicopter or yacht;
  • organization of parties;
  • strip dancers;
  • escort to the charter flight.

Any party will be remembered by you and all your friends by a trip around Kiev in the evening in a premium car with an open roof, accompanied by the hosts or from the auto luxury company. We can also organize for you an individual excursion for your partners in the capital at any time of the day, accompanied by security guards or dancers with an entertainment program. You want to convince you that you will certainly make an impression if you rent a premium car in Kiev. It is not only prestigious, but also very comfortable for you and your friends or business partners.

Vip package from auto luxury in Kiev

If you have a question in your head “Why is it worth choosing a Vip package from auto luxury in Kiev?” then we will answer you! It is worth choosing us, because from the car rental options, you must be sure that there will be no force majeure.

We have:

  1. Cars of premium brands with a full tank of fuel;
  2. The machine is in full technical readiness with the passage of scheduled maintenance;
  3. We give out clean cars and there is no need for salon cleaning or washing when returning it;
  4. We will provide a child seat, GPS-navigator or even a driver with knowledge of a foreign language;
  5. Professional driver with extreme driving skills.

We want you to know that Auto Luxury Kiev offers different terms of cooperation. So if you want to rent a car in Kiev, then we are ready to offer you individual conditions. For example, any form of payment will be available to you, several rental options (with and without a driver).

It is very important for us that our clients are calm and safe, therefore we offer full insurance of the car and replacement of a car with a similar one, the car will fail.

We know that our clients are business people and value their time. We value the time of our clients and therefore we provide a car for rent at the appointed time. Also, we offer 1 free hour if your flight is delayed!

When you arrive in Kiev, you will have a convenient transfer to the station/airport and back. We provide 24/7 roadside support. Therefore, you can always ask a question or get advice from our managers.

It’s a pleasure to work with Auto Luxury Kiev. We have affordable prices and no hidden fees, as well as minimum of documents for registration of the contract.

We offer European service – this is exactly what you get when you decide to rent a car in Kiev with auto luxury!

A high-profile business class car will increase your prestige and the image of your company.

Write to us right now and find out if there is a car for rent that you like available for your date.

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