The company has a great access to the aircraft of the Kiev fleet, if you contact our specialists, the company’s employees will quickly select the necessary transport for you. While in Kiev, use the services of ordering a private flight. Our company organizes everything from airport transfers in a Bentley, Maybach or Rolls-Royce, to meals from the chefs on board.

What is a charter flight?
Everyone knows that the most convenient way, as well as the fastest, to travel between cities, countries, continents, which is used when traveling, when organizing business meetings, is – air travel. But quite often, when choosing a holiday tour, if you need to urgently get to the right place for work or due to emergency circumstances, the right ticket for the right plane may simply not be at the airport ticket office. That’s when, most often, both people and airport employees resort to such flights as charter. To order a charter flight in Ukraine, most often you can use travel agencies, but this does not guarantee the provision of VIP departure services and has many formalities.

A charter flight is not a regular scheduled flight. This is a so-called “one-time” flight, which can be used both as required by the airline, and on an individual order (travel agencies, organizations, groups of people, businessmen and other individuals). This is a fairly convenient way to get to your destination, as charter flights are a non-stop flight, with no downtime, delays, and waiting times. Which plays a crucial role when time is running out.

There is an opinion that it is much more profitable to order a charter than to fly a regular plane. And all because of the fact that airlines focus the attention of a potential buyer on the fact that in such flights as charter, there is no class differentiation (business, economy or first class), and all passengers, at the same price, will be in equal conditions. But it should be noted that this is not entirely accurate information. This is information for people who buy one or two tickets for a charter flight, for example, in a travel agency, going on vacation. Taking into account the fact that in addition to them, there will be other passengers on board. If you use the services of a vip charter, the number of passengers, the level of services can vary according to your wishes and requirements (you can be yourself, with your family, with partners, without strangers, which means renting an airplane).

For example, if you need to immediately, without delay, get to another city or country for an important business meeting, then you can arrange an urgent flight by contacting the Concierge Group — we will arrange your departure using charter flights. Moreover, the” class ” of the aircraft, service and conditions can be different: urgent, individual, group, VIP departure. Anyone by class and urgency can order a charter to Kiev, Kharkiv, Donetsk,Odessa, Moscow, London and other cities.

What is a VIP charter?
Most often, large companies, as well as individuals, use business charter flights for the convenience and speed of flights to meetings, corporate events and conferences. By booking such a charter, you, as well as your employees or partners, will be able to get to the desired corner of the country, the world, just in time, without transfers, stops and with all the amenities, as well as without “extra” people, listeners. At the same time, during the flight, you will have the opportunity to relax, discuss important issues, view documents or prepare for a meeting. With all this, it can be either a planned, booked or pre-booked flight, or an urgent flight.

Another advantage that you can take advantage of when you decide to book a charter (in addition to speed, comfort and efficiency) is that the same plane that will take you to the meeting can also take you back. Performing the functions of an “air taxi”, charter flights ordered in Kiev (or other cities) can “wait” for you there, and in the same way make a flight back to the city from which it was ordered. Or make several flights between different countries or cities, depending on your needs.

In order to order a VIP charter, you can contact our company and the Concierge Group will take care of all the necessary processes and operations related to such services as aircraft rental, departure organization, booking and other organizational issues. This will allow you to significantly save time and nerve cells, deal with the issues of your business, while at the right time the business charter will be at your service.In short, by booking a VIP charter in our company, you will enjoy the fact that:

You will fly on the plane chosen by you personally!
Departure from the airport of your choice;
Boarding at a separate VIP aviation terminal for officials and delegations;
Order drinks and dishes for every taste.
By booking a VIP plane rental, you get the following benefits::
No schedule dependency;
There is no need to stand in queues for passport control and registration;
There is no possibility of losing luggage.
The company cooperates with a large number of airlines, which allows you to quickly fulfill flight orders. To calculate the cost of an air flight, based on the initial data (type of vessel, route, type of food on board, departure airport) and get information about flights, you can use our phone numbers and addresses.

Where and how to book a charter in Kiev?
If you need to book a charter to Kiev, the fastest and most convenient way is to contact us! The Concierge Group company provides services for ordering, booking various types of services. We will help you book a charter flight in Ukraine, as soon as possible, for flights to any corner of the country, continent, world, without burdening you with formalities and organizational issues.

In order to order a vip charter, you need to call us or write to us by email, specifying the details of the order (charter Kiev, Moscow, London or other cities where the flight is made). We will organize everything quickly, efficiently and reliably! Because it is private and business aviation.

All in one: safety, high-quality service and comfort. It is very easy to order a private plane from the company – choose the model and flight and contact our managers! Direct flights from any CIS country and in the opposite direction, as well as to all points of South and North America.

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