Lamborghini car rental

Do you want to rent a car and want something special? Our company has provided something very special for you. An exclusive Lamborghini Reventon limousine for rent in Kiev is what you need and what you like.

Rent a Lamborghini with a driver in Kiev

The company Auto Luxury is the leader among premium services in Ukraine and our clients receive only top-class services. For example, this is renting a Lamborghini with a driver in Kiev.

Of course, you can ask the question “What normal man would order a Lamborghini rental with a driver, every man should drive this unrivaled sports car himself.”

We understand you, but this is a different situation. This is a Lambo limousine.

An exclusive offer only for the clients of Auto Luxury. We are ready to provide you with some information about this premium car:

  • the length of the limousine is 8 meters;
  • salon for 6 + 1 passengers;
  • disco floor;
  • disco ceiling;
  • combined sofas in the lambo style;
  • a lot of highlights;
  • a bar with wine glasses;
  • TV with DVD and CD,

And also, side electric door gull-wing, lowering side windows, front doors Lambo.

You will feel like a movie or music star who is going to a prestigious award, but if you are sad to take your Oscar or Grammy, then we advise you to also use our additional services, such as Strip dance show – ($ 100/1 girl), and ordering Alcohol and snacks.

Renting a car with a driver in Ukraine

You and your friends will have a great time. Perhaps you are here to arrange the best bachelor party in Kiev. To do this, you turned to that very company. In addition to renting a car with a driver, we provide many more services that you and your friends will like. This will help you have a great weekend in Kiev.

Our Lamborghini will take you to the best nightclubs and strip clubs in Kiev. Incredible adventures await you with our escort models. These are incredibly beautiful girls who have a great sense of humor and good educations, so you can talk with them on different topics. These girls can also become your guides, because you can order a tour of Kiev and see all the beauty of this city.

Renting a Lamborghini with a driver is an unusual solution, you need a car for your celebration. The car will come in handy for a wide variety of parties. You can be sure that this is a unique car that has taken all the best from the limousine and the best Italian car brand – Lamborghini.

Renting premium car with a driver

Successful businessmen often become our clients. It is always important for such people to make an impression, so if you come to a business dinner in a Lamborghini limousine, you can drive your business partners around Kiev at night, in a luxurious limousine and with a glass of expensive champagne. We are confident that such an evening will help you sign an important contract. Only pleasure and positive vibrations.  It means a lot.

If you are arriving in Ukraine and you need an unusual airport transfer. If you want your visit to Kiev to be festive, then there is nothing better than ordering a Lamborghini Reventon 6-seat limousine rental with a driver. This is how the stars come to the capital. For Auto Luxury Company, each client is a star and we try to provide only professional services of European quality. We are appreciated for this, and we value each client and his time. Therefore, if your flight is delayed, we are ready to provide 1 hour of waiting for free. We are loyal to different situations.

If you need a premium car rental with a driver, then we will provide you with this exclusive car. Here you can comfortably accommodate six passengers at the same time.

We offer a full range of rental services, which includes an adequate and experienced driver with knowledge of foreign languages. The car will be fully operational with a full tank of gasoline. Almost perfect cleanliness is always observed inside the cabin. You can count on excellent technical condition, which is monitored by experienced specialists. All questions about refueling a car, washing, parking and more are decided by the driver. You can just enjoy the comfort.

We offer you to rent a car in Kiev at fair prices. With us you get reliability and quality.

We suggest you contact the proven Auto-Luxury company in Kiev. Ask your questions to the manager and find out if there is a free car for rent in Kiev for the date you need.

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