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Skoda Fabia
By Kiev UAH / hour: 25$-36$
By Ukraine: —
Transfer a / p "Borispol": —
By Kiev UAH / hour: 900-1200 грн/час 250$
By Ukraine: 15+  грн/км
Transfer a / p "Borispol": 1500UAH+(60$+)
MERCEDES-BENZ S-class 221 2012
By Kiev UAH / hour: 550-700 грн/час 20$-30$
By Ukraine: 15+  грн/км
Transfer a / p "Borispol": 1500UAH+(60$+)
By Kiev UAH / hour: 1500-2800 грн/час 60$-100$
By Ukraine: 1$  грн/км
Transfer a / p "Borispol": 200$+
Porsche Panamera 4s 4.8
By Kiev UAH / hour: 700-900 грн/час 30$-40$
By Ukraine: 15+  грн/км
Transfer a / p "Borispol": 1200UAH+(45$+)
By Kiev UAH / hour: 1000-1200 грн/час
By Ukraine: 15  грн/км
Transfer a / p "Borispol": —
By Kiev UAH / hour: 900-1200 грн/час
By Ukraine: 28  грн/км
Transfer a / p "Borispol": 2700
By Kiev UAH / hour: 900-1200 грн/час 250$
By Ukraine: 15+  грн/км
Transfer a / p "Borispol": 1500UAH+(60$+)
By Kiev UAH / hour: 800-900 грн/час 30$-35$
By Ukraine: 20  грн/км
Transfer a / p "Borispol": 90-120$

Rent a car in Kiev without a driver

The pace of modern life in our time is so accelerated that a business person simply needs to have increased mobility opportunities. If you have your own car, it is quite simple to achieve this, but what about those who do not have the opportunity to buy a car or for some circumstances (accident, maintenance, a business trip to another city) cannot use it?

Auto Luxury Company offers a popular and popular service - car rental in Kiev without a driver. Anyone with the necessary documents and driving experience can choose from a huge variety of brands and types of cars.

We have our own fleet, where you can choose to rent a car for rent at a more than affordable price. The price and the required margin are strictly individual, they are determined by the class of the car and its demand.

Available Kiev car rental without driver

Is it possible in a city like Kiev to find and rent a car cheap enough? You can, if you choose the right partner company. The company Auto Luxury offers the most current prices on the market, car rental by the day without a driver in our center is one of the most affordable.

We will provide you with a car of any desired class, in the absence of the desired car, we will offer an equivalent replacement. We appreciate your time, so the selection of options and design services "rent a car without a driver Ukraine" will take a few minutes.

Rather popular car rental without a driver in Europe and America, in our country, this type of business only takes the first steps. If you come across this type of service for the first time, you can imagine its advantages and advantages.

Rent a car without a driver in the company Auto Luxury is:

It is worth noting that we do not offer such a service as renting a car without a driver without collateral. The absence of a deposit is possible only in the case of rental cars with a driver. Rent a car without a driver and a mortgage can be offered by firms with a dubious reputation, cars in such companies often do not meet the requirements of safety and comfort.

Why you should choose Auto Luxury

Rent a car without a driver cheaply will help you in any life situation. We save your time and money by offering quality services:

Stay mobile and successful with rental cars from Auto Luxury!