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By Kiev UAH / hour: 900-1200 грн/час
By Ukraine: 28  грн/км
Transfer a / p "Borispol": 2700
By Kiev UAH / hour: 250-350 грн/час 9$-15$
By Ukraine: 10+  грн/км
Transfer a / p "Borispol": 900+
By Kiev UAH / hour: 500-700 грн/час 19$-29$
By Ukraine: 15+(0,6$/km)  грн/км
Transfer a / p "Borispol": 1500+ (60$+)
By Kiev UAH / hour: 550-790 грн/час 20$-30$
By Ukraine: 20 (0,8$/km)  грн/км
Transfer a / p "Borispol": 1500(60$)
By Kiev UAH / hour: 500-750 грн/час 20$-30$
By Ukraine: 13 (0,5$/km)  грн/км
Transfer a / p "Borispol": —
MERCEDES E220 (2014) [EN]
By Kiev UAH / hour: 400-590 грн/час 14$-22$
By Ukraine: 10+  грн/км
Transfer a / p "Borispol": 1000-1500 (45-60$)
By Kiev UAH / hour: 500-700 грн/час 19$-25$
By Ukraine: 12  грн/км
Transfer a / p "Borispol": —
By Kiev UAH / hour: 400-550 грн/час 15$-20$
By Ukraine: 12+  грн/км
Transfer a / p "Borispol": 1200+
By Kiev UAH / hour:
By Ukraine: 10  грн/км
Transfer a / p "Borispol": 1200+

Cars for a wedding in Kiev

If you are interested in a car for a wedding (Kiev or Ukraine), then it makes sense to contact Moreover, a wedding car, this is not always a limousine. You can emphasize the originality of the event by choosing a chic retro-style car, or simply refrain from the standard limousine and prefer it to another luxury car. What exactly do we offer? We have a vast assortment of cars for the wedding, Kiev is a very expensive city and the demand for services of this kind is greatly increasing during the season. What do we offer our customers?

So, you can rent a chic CHRYSLER 300 C, just for three hundred hryvnia per hour. This is the perfect wedding car (Kiev - 300 UAH per hour, Ukraine - by agreement). Alternative? Classic limousine LINCOLN TOWN, for only three hundred and fifty hryvnia per hour with transfer per thousand hryvnia. HUMMER H2 DIAMOND limousine is also available, the rental price of which will be slightly higher: from seven hundred and up to one thousand two hundred hryvnia per hour (rates for Kiev). Retro cars are also available.

How to choose a car for the wedding? It all depends on the style of your wedding. If this is a classical, European style, then it will be very good to stop at the relevant options. The white version will be the best approach. If you decide to arrange a wedding in a particular style or color, then the car should match it, and if you decide to go on a holiday in the mafia style, it is better to choose a car from the relevant era.

Rent a car for a wedding in Kiev

If you are interested in renting a car for a wedding, Kiev can offer a lot of options. However, always need to book transport in advance. So it will be much cheaper and more convenient, because you will agree that it is not very pleasant to overpay at the last moment and hope for a miracle so as not to disrupt the holiday. When you need to book transport: Rent a car for the wedding (Kiev) is already relevant a few months before the start of your celebration.

Moreover, it is important to pay attention not only to the season of weddings, but also to graduations in institutes and schools. Then young people love to shoot such equipment and you can get into a situation where a few rolling agency can provide you with a limousine.

How much rent a car? At least six hours. Judge for yourself: first, the bride should pick up the bride, after - a trip to the registry office, after - a wedding photo session and a trip to the solemn ceremony of marriage, then - a restaurant. In a word, it is better to calculate everything with a margin so that there are no problems on a solemn day.

By the way. The advantage of premature renting of such transport is that your florist and decorator will have more than enough time to work with the booked car. You need to think over everything to the smallest detail: to the extent that the color of your driver's shirt matches the general tones in which the celebration is decorated. We have a lot of experience in organizing such events, and the drivers are real professionals, so you can not worry about the issues of tact and safety of equipment. We keep our car park in perfect condition.